US Compounding acquired

PARIS, Texas, September 1, 2021: Class S registered and inspected veterinary compounding pharmacy provider PetScript ProLab Pharmacy acquired the veterinary drug compounding business of US Compounding Inc., welcoming new customers to a reliable supply of high-quality sterile and non-sterile medications produced through USP 797 & 795 compliant operations.

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Effective Wednesday, September 1, 2021, We are excited to welcome USC customers, who will be served by the expert team at PETSCRIPT moving forward. This combination provides additional patient-focused veterinary facilities a broad offering of high-quality sterile & non-sterile pharmaceuticals. Our entire exceptional team, in Paris, Texas is dedicated to delivering reliable medication supply. PETSCRIPT consistently achieves greater than 97% same-day order fulfillment for our committed customers!

This stability supports patient care by providing access to the high-quality sterile & non-sterile medications our customers need – when they need them. We are proud of our continued growth as a reliable supplier partner to veterinarians and veterinary facilities across North America.

Jay Teague

President, PetScript